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We design and manufacture base workwear fabrics for HiVis garments and other work clothing. Our fabrics are OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certified, and we have strict quality control measures in place to ensure that every meter of fabric you receive meets your expectations.

About LEVITEX® Workwear Fabric

LEVITEX® Base Workwear Fabric features a Stability composition

We are consulted on workwear by clients in a wide range of sectors including Healthcare, Heavy Industry, Light Engineering, Food Processing, Retail, Distribution, Defence, Hospitality, Travel, Utilities, Public Sector, and Emergency Services.


Workwear Fabric Featured

100% Cotton, CVC, T/C
Feature Description
Compositon 100% Cotton, CVC 80/20, CVC 60/40, T/C 65/35, T/C 80/20, T/C 90/10, etc.
Lead time 15 - 60 days. (For regular fabrics are quickly delivered in 15-20 days, for customized fabrics need 45 to 60 days.)
Weight 150 - 600 GSM
Dyeing Process Reactive/VAT/Disperse Dyes
Standard OEKO-TEX 100 II Class
Rub Fastess ISO 105 X12
Dry: Dark Color Rating: 3-4, Light Color Rating: 4
Wet: Dark Color Rating: 2-3, Light Color Rating: 3-4
Color Change ISO 105 C06 (Rating: 4)
Multifunctional Processing LEVITEX can combine different functions such as oil resistant, water repellency, acid and alkali resistant, antistatic, moisture wicking, water pressure resistant, anti-mosquito, and Teflon on the same flame resistant fabric.

Workwear Fabric Categories


Poly-Cotton fabric (T/C) is a sturdy blend of Polyester and Cotton. It is often used in workwear, uniforms, and corporate clothing as it is long-lasting and holds its shape well. Poly-Cotton fabric is support print on demand service.


Find more finishing services: Chemical, Oil & Water Repellent; Water Repellent; Moisture wicking; Soft handle; Crease Resistant; Anti-Static; Anti-mosquito; Anti-bacterial/microbial; anti-UV, and print on demand.

Customers Also Ask


The fabrics produced by LEVITEX can achieve level 5 waterproof and combined with other functions, such as oil and water repellency, acid and alkali resistance, flame retardant, etc.

Yes, We produce T/C 90/10, t/c80/20 and T/C 85/15 for HI-VIS Orange and Yellow fabric.

Flame resistant fabrics are designed to self-extinguish when the ignition source is removed. This makes them a safer choice for workers in

Absolutely yes. We encourage both the existing and potential clients to visit us whenever they can

LEVITEX produced tent fabric include: T/C, 100% Cotton, CVC fabric.

Water pressure resistance Stand on AATCC 12-2017: 450+/2000+/3000+; Also pass CPAI-84,ASTM D5035-2011, AATCC 22-2017, AATCC16.3-2014, AATCC 35-2018 and etc.

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