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LEVITEX fabrics are all rugged, molten metal reflecting fabrics that are the metal worker’s best friend. These fabrics are constructed to both keep the worker protected against sparks and flames, secure a high degree of comfort, and at the same time provide insulation against heat.

The range also includes highly specialized lightweight products for the most demanding applications with our unique nano-ceramic coating that repels molten metal and blocks metal sparks with a lifetime that outlast any other fabric.

Most products are certified according to Oeko-Tex 100 class 2 which makes them wearable directly against the skin. The special product development of our partner, Protex, has resulted in a broad product portfolio with the latest technology.

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Check more about our 100% Cotton FR fabric are used by our Smelting Applications partners.

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One of the challenges in the steel industry is to protect workers in melting operations from high temperatures and the frequent wear and tear of workers' work clothing. A multilayer flame retardant fabric developed by Levitex meets these requirements in foundries because it protects against the extremes of high temperatures and radiant heat.

Flame-retardant materials can stop or slow down the process of starting a fire, or reduce its intensity. It is widely used in high-temperature operating environments and reduces costs.

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