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Fabrics built for Oil Repellent

LEVITEX fabrics offer the best protection from heat and flame, along with the best comfort. These fabrics are made using the best cotton fibers for strength and durability. As a result, garments made out of these fabrics will endure dozens of washing cycles without losing their protective properties nor their comfort, which makes them perfect for the oil & gas sector, where garments are washed again and again.

LEVITEX fabrics have FR properties that last longer than the life of the garment and are certified according to Oeko-Tex 100 class 2 which makes them wearable directly against skin.

These products can be made with a range of additional properties including antistatic, water repellency, teflon and etc.

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Check more about our CVC FR fabric are used by our Minning Applications partners.

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Hazards in the oil or gas mining industry include physical, ergonomic, electrical or chemical hazards, isolation work, and handling leaks and spills. Levitex studies the needs of this industry to provide end users with high-strength protective fabrics, such as our line of workwear polyester-cotton fabrics complemented by comprehensive protective clothing solutions.

Levitex's non-corrosive tension fabric has a tremendous anti rip, tear and puncture strength, and are non-corrosive standing up to harsh environments.

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