How to Clean an Arc Flash Suit for Maximum Durability?

An arc flash suit is an important piece of protective equipment for employees in the electrical sector, as it may shield the user from potentially fatal electrical arcs. To guarantee that the arc flash suit can provide the necessary protection, it is essential to keep it clean and in good condition. 

This article will describe how to clean an arc flash suit and give suggestions for maximizing its longevity.

Why is Arc Flash Suit Cleaning Important?

The goal of arc flash suits is to protect employees from electrical arcs that can cause severe harm when exposed directly. The arc flash suit must be kept clean and in excellent condition in order to offer the essential protection. Cleaning the suit eliminates dirt and debris that might collect and degrade the efficiency of the garment over time. Additionally, dirt and debris can offer routes for electricity to travel from the source of the arc flash to the user.

Arc Flash Suit Cleaning Pre-Cleaning Checklist

Before beginning the cleaning procedure, the user must take a number of safety steps to safeguard their own and their arc flash suit’s safety. The user should inspect the suit for evidence of damage or wear and tear before washing it, since cleaning a damaged suit might exacerbate the problem. Before commencing the cleaning procedure, it is also essential to ensure that the suit is dry, either by allowing it to air dry or by using a soft cloth to remove extra moisture.

Cleaning Techniques

There are two primary techniques for cleaning an arc flash suit, depending on the level of soiling: hand washing and machine washing. Hand-washing is advised for light or moderate soiling, whilst machine-washing is more suitable for heavy soiling.

The user should fill a sink or tub with lukewarm water and a little detergent for hand cleaning. The suit should then be immersed in the solution and washed by hand with a soft brush. If stains are present, a stain remover may also be used. After scrubbing the suit, it must be rinsing it with clean lukewarm water to conclude the cleaning procedure.

The directions for machine washing should be found on the care tag of the arc flash suit. As long as the temperature setting is not too high, the majority of current washing machines should be able to clean the suit safely. After the washing cycle has concluded, the suit should be taken carefully from the washer and hung to dry. It should also be mentioned that machine drying is not advised, since the dryer’s high heat might cause fabric damage.

After-Cleaning Upkeep

Once the arc flash suit has been cleaned, it must be maintained with the utmost care to guarantee its optimal condition. The suit should be examined for any evidence of damage or wear, and any discoloration should be reported promptly to the manufacturer. When not in use, the suit should be maintained in a cool and dry location.

Maximizing Long-Term Usage

Routine Inspections

Regular inspections must be performed to ensure that the arc flash suit continues to offer the required level of protection. This may entail inspecting the suit for wear, damage, and discoloration. If any of these defects are discovered, the suit should be brought to a certified repair shop for repair or replacement.

Alterations or Replacement

If the arc flash suit is found to be broken or discolored, it is imperative that it be fixed or replaced immediately. Only approved repair shops should perform repairs, and any replacement components must be of the same type and quality as the originals. Inspect the suit for any additional components that may require replacement, such as buckles and straps.

Storage Guidelines

When not in use, the arc flash suit should be stored in a cold and dry location. Keeping the suit in a location with extreme heat, humidity, or direct sunshine might cause the fabric to deteriorate over time, leaving it incapable of providing the required level of protection. Additionally, it is essential to ensure that the suit is hanging and not heaped on top of one another.


Keeping an arc flash suit clean and in good condition is vital for ensuring that it can offer the appropriate protection for electrical industry employees. Hand or machine washing can be used to clean an arc flash suit, and post-cleaning care must be taken to maintain the suit’s optimal condition. 

Additionally, routine inspections, repairs, and replacements should be performed, and the suit should be stored in a cool, dry location while not in use. With regular care and upkeep, the arc flash suit may be worn for many years without losing its protective effectiveness.

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