How to Clean Welding Gloves?

Welding gloves are by far one of the most important and necessary tools that are used for daily activities.

By daily activities, I mean to say that numerous people out their weld and make new stuff through different kinds of metals and iron; hence, the use of welding gloves has become unavoidable.

However, clean welding gloves are considered a complication. 

4 Tips for Cleaning Welding Gloves 

Welding gloves are mostly made of leather or of a substance that is hard to burn. These are made in this way as the wielding process contains fire exposure, and hence the gloves should be fire repellent. Welding gloves get dirty due to exposure to fire and dirt and hence, need to be kept clean. The tips for cleaning gloves are listed below:

1)  Rinse with water

The first and foremost option that comes to the mind of any person who uses welding gloves is to clean the gloves with water. As the welding gloves get dirty through the fire, mud, and different metals, they can be cleaned through water. It is best to use cold water as it is more suitable to scrub off the dirt and other substances that make your gloves dirty. For further perfection, keep the gloves in cold water in a tub and leave them for a while. Afterward, you can remove the welding gloves and scrub the dirt softly. 

2)  Soap 

If cleaning the welding gloves with plain water doesn’t help, you should skip that process and move towards a further advanced procedure. This procedure involves the use of soap. The soap can be of any type; it should just clean the gloves. First, you’ll have to clean the gloves with water. Then you’ll have to gently brush the soap on the gloves so that the dirt and other stuff softens. Afterward, you can wash the gloves with cold water and all the dirt would hopefully fall off. 

3) Use a conditioner

This process is a sub-process of the above. Once you’ve used the sop, it is time to use a conditioner to make your welding gloves cleaner and look better. This conditioner would have to apply sometime. By applying this conditioner, you’ll have better-looking gloves, and the dirt and other substances that made your gloves look dirty will now be washed off. Due to the conditioner, you’ll have a nice scent attached to your welding gloves. 

4) Clean your gloves with chemicals 

This procedure of cleaning your welding gloves should only be considered when the gloves have become too filthy to be cleaned with plain water and soap. The chemical you should use would depend on the amount of dirt your glove has. You’ll first have to wash the gloves with water. Afterward, you’ll have to use the chemical to remove the dirt and other bad substances. Once you’re finished, you should wash your hands properly as the chemical could create problems for your hands. Finally, you’ll have your gloves clean.

All these procedures mentioned above are interlinked. One after the another is a more fundamental procedure for cleaning your welding gloves. I hope you find the information useful.

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