How To Make Camouflage Clothing? Tips and Suggestions

Camouflage is essential wherever you want to blend in with the surroundings. To make effective camouflage clothing, you must choose a color scheme and match it with three-dimensional textures to blend and diffuse the wearer’s figure into the surroundings. 

Be it for hunting, military gear, or some other purpose; camouflage is intended to enable the wearer to blend in with the colors and overall look of the terrains and surroundings and deceive the onlookers. Whether you opt for a camouflage printed fabric or make your own, there are several ways to make camouflage clothing. Read this article to learn how you can make camouflage clothing to suit a variety of purposes. 

How to make camouflage clothing from camouflage fabric?

Since the use of camouflage fabric has become so widespread, it is now available in a variety of materials, colors, prints, and textures. It hence can be used to make various kinds of camouflage clothing. The fabric is made by weaving together various colored threads to form a pattern replicating the natural surroundings.

The overall process of making the camouflage fabric employs intricate weaving, dyeing, and finishing procedures, which results in the creation of hundreds of different types of patterns in various colors and shades. 

Therefore whether you need it to make clothing or need camouflage fabric for quilting or making other home accessories, you will be presented with a wide variety of colors, shades, patterns, and materials to choose from. For instance, if you need the fabric for quilting, you can even opt for bright, colorful color schemes instead of the conventional brown and green hues that are signature camouflage colors. 

Similarly, when it comes to clothing, besides the variety of colors and patterns, you may also have to choose the material when acquiring camouflage fabric. While the main idea is to choose colors and patterns that will help you blend in with the environment where you will be wearing the fabric, you must also choose a fabric type depending on the kind of garment you want to make. 

For instance, if you want a hunting jacket for cold weather, you must choose a fabric with wool in its composition. On the other hand, if you are looking for a durable yet lightweight fabric for a shirt or a lightweight jacket, you must choose accordingly. 

How to make camouflage clothing on your own?

Making camouflage clothing is not as daunting as it appears to be, and you do not necessarily need to spend a lot to make camouflage clothing, nor do you need to be an expert in sewing. When used together, even a few simple elements can help in altering the appearance of a person and making them unrecognizable. Hence with a few common items, you can also make your own camouflage garments in designs that will suit different environments.

Here is what you must do to make camouflage clothing yourself. 

Select the colors

To make camouflage clothing, the first thing you need to do is select three or more paint colors that will match the most dominant colors of the environment where you will wear the camouflage clothes. You do not have to worry about the exact tones and hues and can choose the general colors only. For instance, if the dominant colors in a certain environment are pine-needle green or chestnut brown, you can go for dark green, brown, and black. 

Select the garment for camouflage clothing

Now choose the garment you want to use. You can either use a piece of clothing you own, like an old jacket or pants or get a basic one from the market. The only requirement is that the clothing item must be of a light color so that you can easily form the pattern on the light base.

Make the pattern

To paint the garment, spread out newspapers and lay down the garment for camouflage printing, and get paints ready. Besides ensuring that the colors you choose are similar to the prevalent colors of the surroundings, you must also ensure that the paints are strong and do not fade after the garment is washed. 

To make the camo pattern, you can either use stencils or paint yourself, or you can use foliage and trees for the purpose. If you are using foliage or leaves, lay them on the garment and press them to make them flat, and spray paint carefully in a controlled manner in one direction to get the definition and shape of the foliage. 

Once you are done spray painting, slowly remove the foliage and leave the garment to dry, and your camouflage clothing is ready for use. You can use this technique to make camouflage jackets, pants, and shirts. Whether you want to make hunting gear or outdoor apparel, the DIY method is a cheap and easy way to make camouflage clothing quickly, so you do not have to spend a lot.

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