Key Features
  • ISO 11612 A1 A2 B1 C1 F1
  • EN1149-3
  • FR-treatment: Inherent
  • Excellent protection against fire, heat & welding
  • Great strength
  • Excellent color retention (colorfastness)
  • Excellent wash shrinkage
  • Robust shade consistency
Product Categories
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IFR-210 is an innovative inherent flame-resistant fabric for protective and FR clothing. This fabric is made of 93% Meta-Aramid, 5% Para-Aramid, 2% Antistatic, and weight 210 gsm. It is woven in a twill 2/1 weave and is suitable for a variety of applications including emergency services, firefighters gear, special forces, marines uniform, and military pilots flight suits. IFR-210 is also suitable for FR bibs and FR overalls for workers in the oil and gas, chemical, and power industries. This fabric protects against fire, open flame, and electric arc.


Composition93% M-Aramid, 5% P-Aramid, 2% AS
WeaveTwill 2/1
FunctionFlame Retardant Fabric / All functions can be combined.

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