9 Best Chemical Resistant Fabric Manufacturers in China

China’s chemical resistant fabric manufacturers and suppliers have earned global renown for their superior quality, durability, and competitive pricing. These textiles are intended to provide protection against a variety of dangerous chemicals and compounds, making them indispensable in multiple industries, such as the pharmaceutical, oil and gas, and chemical processing sectors.

Chinese enterprises have produced a variety of chemical-resistant textiles that exceed the strictest international requirements thanks to advances in technology and production techniques.

As a result, enterprises all over the globe depend on chemical-resistant fabric manufacturers and suppliers in China for the highest quality goods and services that fulfill their unique requirements. We will highlight the leading chemical-resistant fabric manufacturers in China and the benefits of choosing them.

Trusted Chemical-Resistant Fabric Manufacturers in China


LEVITEX is the largest factory to develop and produce flame retardant fabric and functional workwear in China. The factory was established in 1951. Today, it spans over 300 acres and employs more than 500 professionals.

The factory hosts 4 dyeing lines and 2 flame-retardant production lines. It also has a full set of testing equipment as well as the world-class standard color testing system – Data Color. The factory can produce a monthly capacity of 5 million meters with 1.5 million meters dedicated to flame-retardant fabrics.

The flame-retardant fabrics that LEVITEX produces can withstand up to 100 washes, pass global tests including EN11611, EN11612, and NFPA2112, and achieve OEKO TEX 100 Level II certification while controlling the minimum formaldehyde content within 75PPM.

LEVITEX also produces other functional fabrics including Teflon, anti-static, water and oil repellent, water pressure resistant, mosquito-proof, anti-ultraviolet, anti-bacterial, anti-acid, and alkali.

As a long–term fabric supplier for industries like petroleum, smelting, and machinery manufacturing, the one-stop combination of dying, flame retardant and functionality ensures more stable and controllable product quality as well as faster delivery.

LEVITEX is committed to providing you with safe, comfortable, and professional protective fabric for all your needs.

Industrial Energy Products, Inc.

Since its founding in 1996, IEP has supplied oil and gas, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, and other sectors with high-quality industrial textiles. The firm has gained a reputation as a dependable and trustworthy provider of chemical-resistant textiles that satisfy the highest industry requirements.

IEP’s chemical-resistant textiles are produced with the use of cutting-edge technology and premium materials. The firm has a staff of competent and experienced specialists that guarantee that all items are created to the highest standards of quality. Fabrics manufactured by IEP are resistant to a broad variety of solvents, acids, and alkalis, making them perfect for use in tough industrial settings.

IEP’s dedication to ensuring client satisfaction is one of the primary benefits of working with them. The firm offers tailored solutions to match the individual requirements of each client, guaranteeing that they obtain the finest possible product for their specific use. The customer support staff at IEP is quick to respond and always willing to help clients with any queries or problems they may have.

IEP also focuses a significant emphasis on sustainability and environmental stewardship. The company’s production techniques are geared to minimize waste and influence the environment. Moreover, IEP’s chemical-resistant textiles are meant to be long-lasting and resilient, eliminating the need for frequent replacements and further lowering environmental impact.

Industrial Energy Products, Inc. is a reputable and trustworthy provider of chemical-resistant textiles in China. The company’s dedication to quality, customer happiness, and environmental stewardship has earned them a solid name within their field. IEP is a top option for anyone in need of high-quality chemical-resistant textiles because of its cutting-edge technology, trained personnel, and bespoke solutions.


Alkegen is one of the most reputable chemical-resistant fabric producers in China, providing high-quality goods to a variety of sectors, including oil & gas, pharmaceuticals, and chemical processing. The firm is renowned for its innovative technologies, exceptional workmanship, and superior customer service.

Alkegen’s devotion to quality is one of the reasons it has become a reputable brand. The firm produces chemical-resistant textiles that are durable, dependable, and effective using cutting-edge equipment and technology. They have a team of skilled specialists that supervise every part of the production process, from the selection of raw materials to the testing of the finished product.

Alkegen’s chemical-resistant textiles are crafted from superior materials that can withstand strong chemicals, acids, and other dangerous substances. They are intended to give optimum protection to employees in high-risk areas, therefore ensuring their safety and wellbeing.

It provides great customer service in addition to high-quality goods. They have a staff of professionals that can provide guidance and assistance to consumers, assisting them in selecting the most suitable product for their particular requirements. In addition, they provide customized solutions for customers with particular needs.

Alkegen is regarded as the best chemical-resistant fabric manufacturers in China due to their dedication to quality and client satisfaction. They have a proven track record of producing high-quality goods on schedule, and they continuously improve their procedures and technology to remain ahead of the competition.

Briggs Textile

Briggs Textile is a reputable Chinese maker of chemical-resistant textiles. With years of expertise in the textile sector, the business has earned a reputation for creating high-quality materials that fulfill the different requirements of its customers.

Briggs Textile’s devotion to quality is one of the most important aspects in its success. The firm employs cutting-edge technology and tools to guarantee that their textiles satisfy the highest quality requirements. In addition, it obtains its raw materials from trustworthy vendors, ensuring that the finished product is of the best quality.

Briggs Textile’s workforce of highly qualified and seasoned employees is yet another one of the company’s greatest assets. Some of the greatest textile engineers, chemists, and quality control specialists in the business are employed by the firm. This guarantees that every part of the manufacturing process is meticulously watched, and that any faults are resolved expeditiously.

Also dedicated to innovation is Briggs Textile. To guarantee that its goods stay competitive in the market, the corporation spends extensively in research and development. Whether by creating new materials or upgrading current ones, the company is always seeking ways to enhance its textiles.

Briggs Textile is among the top in the industry in terms of customer service. They work closely with its customers to ensure that their unique requirements are addressed. Its staff of professionals is always available to provide guidance and assistance, and it takes great pleasure in its ability to develop customized solutions that match the specific needs of each customer.

PTI Thermal Solutions

With over 20 years of expertise in the business, the firm has gained a reputation for making high-quality, durable textiles that are resistant to harsh chemicals and severe temperatures. Being a reputable producer, PTI Thermal Solutions has become the go-to option for sectors requiring chemically resistant textiles, such as chemical processing, petrochemicals, and pharmaceuticals.

The firm produces chemical-resistant textiles that are resilient, long-lasting, and extremely effective by using cutting-edge technology and innovative materials. They provide a variety of materials, including PTFE, fiberglass, and silicone-coated fabrics, all of which have exceptional chemical and high-temperature resistance. These textiles are useful for several purposes, including filtration, insulation, and protective apparel.

PTI Thermal Solutions dedication to quality is one of the reasons they are regarded as a reputable company. They have a staff of highly experienced specialists that are devoted to ensuring that every product they manufacture satisfies the highest standards of quality and safety. In addition, they have a stringent quality control procedure that includes testing each fabric for chemical resistance, heat resistance, and durability before it is allowed for sale.

In addition to their devotion to quality, PTI Thermal Solutions is also well-known for their great customer service. They have a staff of helpful and experienced specialists who are always accessible to answer any inquiries or address any problems their clients may have. In addition, they provide tailored solutions to fit the unique requirements of their customers, guaranteeing that each client obtains the optimal product for their application.

Lamports Filter Media, Inc.

Lamports Filter Media, Inc. is a well-established and reputable chemical-resistant fabric manufacturer in China. With a dedication to quality and client satisfaction, Lamports has garnered a reputation for industry-leading excellence. Its chemically resistant textiles are used in several applications, including filtration, protective garments, and industrial materials.

They have a staff of highly experienced scientists and engineers that are always striving to enhance their goods and procedures. Their commitment to innovation has allowed Lamports to keep ahead of the competition and preserve their position as the industry’s top provider of chemical-resistant textiles.

The company’s stringent quality control procedures also contribute significantly to its success. Every batch of fabric is subjected to rigorous testing to guarantee it satisfies the company’s stringent requirements for durability and chemical resistance. This meticulousness has earned Lamports a reputation for manufacturing textiles that are not just functional but also dependable and durable.

Furthermore noteworthy is Lamports’ dedication to sustainability. The firm employs eco-friendly production methods and materials wherever feasible, limiting their environmental effect. In addition, they collaborate closely with their clients to produce goods that satisfy their particular requirements while decreasing waste and energy usage.

Phoenix Wire Cloth Inc.

China’s Phoenix Wire Cloth, Inc. is a recognized and dependable producer of chemical-resistant textiles. During the last two decades, the firm has earned a reputation as one of the top providers of industrial textiles by supplying the market with high-quality goods.

Phoenix Wire Cloth, Inc. provides an extensive selection of chemical-resistant textiles, such as woven and non-woven fabrics, filter fabrics, and mesh fabrics. These goods are resistant to the adverse effects of chemicals and are perfect for use in a variety of industrial applications. To guarantee that its textiles satisfy the highest quality requirements, the firm employs cutting-edge technology and production procedures.

Their dedication to quality distinguishes Phoenix Wire Cloth, Inc. from other China-based chemical-resistant fabric producers. The company’s quality control procedure starts with the procurement of raw materials and continues throughout the production process. This guarantees that the company’s goods meet or surpass the needs of its clients.

In addition to being a reputable producer, Phoenix Wire Cloth, Inc. is customer-oriented. They collaborate extensively with its clients to determine their individual demands and requirements. Then, they utilize this data to design solutions that are tailored to the specific requirements of each consumer.

Thermotex Industries, Inc.

China’s premier chemical-resistant fabric producer is Thermotex Industries, Inc. With decades of expertise in the sector, the business has earned a reputation for offering chemical-resistant textiles of superior quality, durability, and dependability to customers throughout the globe. These textiles are designed to endure severe chemical conditions, making them perfect for usage in a variety of applications, including protective garments and industrial procedures.

The dedication to quality is one of the reasons why Thermotex Industries, Inc. is a reputable producer of chemical-resistant fabric. The firm employs only the finest materials and production procedures to guarantee that their textiles meet or surpass industry standards. In addition, they have a thorough quality control system in place to guarantee that each cloth they create is of the greatest quality.

Innovation is another characteristic that distinguishes Thermotex Industries, Inc. from other producers of chemical-resistant fabrics. The firm spends substantially in research and development to generate new and better textiles to fulfill the increasing demands of its customers. In addition, they collaborate extensively with their customers to comprehend their unique requirements and to design tailored solutions to satisfy those goals.

In addition to their dedication to quality and innovation, Thermotex Industries, Inc. is renowned for their superior customer service. The firm has a staff of qualified and seasoned individuals that are committed to assisting customers in locating the ideal fabric for their requirements. In addition, they provide technical support and guidance throughout the whole of the production process, from design to delivery.

Met-Chem, Inc.

Met-Chem, Inc. is a well-known chemical-resistant fabric producer established in China, specialized in the creation of high-quality textiles that are resistant to a variety of chemicals and hazardous substances. The firm has been in the sector for a number of years, and its experience and skills have won it a reputation in China as a reliable provider of chemical-resistant textiles.

It takes pride in its dedication to supplying customers with high-quality and dependable chemically resistant textiles. The company’s solutions are intended to fulfill the demands of companies that deal with hazardous chemicals and materials, such as the pharmaceutical, petrochemical, and manufacturing sectors. Met-Chem, Inc.’s textiles are constructed from high-quality, resilient materials that can survive extreme environments.

Met-Chem, Inc.’s strict quality control method is one of the aspects that distinguish it from its rivals. The firm adheres to stringent quality control methods at every step of production to guarantee that its goods satisfy the highest standards. Met-Chem, Inc. also works closely with its customers to understand their unique wants and requirements, enabling it to build tailored solutions to match their particular objectives.

Their dedication to sustainability also contributes to its status as a reputable Chinese maker of chemically resistant fabrics. Environmental effect is minimized through the company’s usage of eco-friendly products and manufacturing methods. It also ensures that its goods are recyclable, thus decreasing waste and supporting sustainable practices.

China’s Met-Chem, Inc. is a dependable maker of chemical-resistant fabrics. Its dedication to quality, personalization, and sustainability has won them a reputation as an industry leader. Met-Chem, Inc.’s goods are of the highest quality and dependability, assuring customers that they are receiving the finest available solutions for their requirements.


Some of the most recognized manufacturers of chemical-resistant clothing are found in China. These manufacturers provide trustworthy and durable goods that meet the needs of many sectors thanks to their cutting-edge technology, premium materials, and strict adherence to international standards.

These fabrics are utilized in a range of applications, from protective clothing to industrial filters, because of their exceptional resistance to chemicals, acids, and other harmful compounds. If you’re looking for reputable Chinese suppliers of chemically resistant fabrics, you may rely on their expertise to meet your particular needs and requirements.

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